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Check out the amazing food variety of Angeethi

We strive to bring the best experience of online ordering and delivery to our customers. If you are looking for best online deals with home delivery across the city then look no further, order now your favorite food from Angeethi & enjoy your day.


Q: What is the expected delivery time?

A: 40-45 mins, may vary for different areas.

Q: What is the refund or exchange policy?

A: Food that is consumed will not be exchanged or refunded, however, if there is a complain then our rider will pick up the food and a refund or exchange will be provided based on feedback.

Q: What are your delivery charges:

A: Our delivery charges varies from area to area. Upon selecting your delivery area, delivery charges will appear in the cart total.

Q: How can I submit my complaint/feedback?

A: You can call us at (021) 38899996

Q: Can Angeethi cancel any order without prior notification?

A: Angeethi has the right to cancel any order without prior notification.

Q: Is Angeethi allowed to change the menu or prices without prior notice?

A: Angeethi can change the menu or prices without prior notice.

Q: How long will it take for customers to get their refund for online orders canceled by Angeethi?

A: Online orders that are canceled by Angeethi will be refunded within 14 to 15 working days (as per bank policy).